What we do


Our process is simple; understand your project, give you the best options to fit any budget, deliver an outstanding customer experience.

How can this be accomplished?

First, you will meet directly with the owner, (no high commission sales people talking you into an overpriced service you don’t need).

Secondly, we will walk you through the Fresh Look Process so you understand the steps from deep clean to final sheen!

Lastly, we will give you after care instructions and tips to make sure your floors look great long after we leave.

What really sets Fresh Look Floors apart?

It is all in the system. Fresh Look Floors understands the concerns about high VOC products that leave your house smelling for weeks, or the pain staking process of avoiding areas of your house for weeks on end, leaving your house in shambles.

With our Fresh Look Process, we have broken the mold. With our process, you are able to walk on your floors in a matter of hours with our low-VOC water-based high traffic formula! In just 24 hours following our process, you can return your furniture and back to your lifestyle, enjoying the Fresh Look of your floors!